Youth Opportunities Unlimited Program

The Granite YMCA has made a long standing effort to support youth development by providing services and opportunities to support all young people in developing a sense of competence, usefulness, belonging and empowerment to help them grow into happy and healthy adults. In this video we hear from both students and staff members on what makes these programs so important and the dramatic effect it’s had on the lives of children.

About The Granite YMCA

As one of the state’s longest standing and most enduring non-profits, The Granite YMCA focuses on youth development, healthy living, social responsibility, and family strengthening. Across the state, its six branches engage 30,000 men, women and children – regardless of age, income or background – to improve their health and well-being, and provide opportunities to give back and support neighbors. In 2017, The Granite YMCA provided financial assistance and free services valued at over $1.63 million to 20,190 individuals. To learn more, please visit